Jenelle Evans’s Snapchat ID, Instagram, Faceebook ID And Other Social Media

Jenelle Evans Snapchat ID

In this article, I will reveal Jenelle Evans‘s social media accounts across the social media platforms, like Jenelle Evans‘s Snapchat ID Username, Facebook ID, Instagram ID, Youtube Channels, and all other social media he is present.

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About Jenelle Evans:

Janelle Evans (born December 19, 1991, in Oak Island, North Carolina) is an American truth display big name. She starred withinside the hit suggests MTV sixteen and Pregnant, in which she defined the pains and tribulations of a pregnant teenager. She then starred in Teen Mom 2, which documented her new lifestyles together along with her son Jess Vaughan. Janelle is a infamous celebration and alcoholic and has run farfar from domestic earlier than. He has an excellent crook record: he turned into arrested on fees of theft, ownership of drugs, using with out a license and assault. In 2017, she went to her domestic in the back of a tailgate and pulled a gun together along with her son withinside the car. Jess is presently withinside the custody of her mother. Her different children, Kaiser and Ansley Eaton’s grandmother, also are preventing for her custody.

Janelle gave start to Jess in 2009, whose father is Janelle’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Le Louise. Janelle additionally met with Kefer Dalp, who turned into arrested on fees of trespassing and ownership of drugs. In 2012, the truth display big name turned into engaged for 2 weeks to her boyfriend, Gary Head, who turned into arrested on fees of assaulting Janelle. Jennell persevered to argue among Gary Head and Kefer, following an altercation earlier than marrying Courtland Rogers in December 2012. Shortly afterwards, she had an abortion whilst she claimed that Courtland had assaulted her and demanded a divorce. She turned into rehabilitated in March 2013. Soon after her recovery, she began out courting Nathan Griffith. The couple introduced that Janelle turned into pregnant once more in December 2013, and their son, Caesar, arrived on June 30, 2014. After breaking apart with Nathan, Janelle started out courting David Eisen, and their daughter, Ansley, turned into born in January 2017.

What is Jenelle Evans‘s Snapchat ID Username?

Jenelle Evans’s Snapchat ID is @pbandjenelley_1.

What is Jenelle Evans’s Instagram ID?

His Instagram ID is @j_evans1219, he has over 2.8 Million Followers on Instagram to the date I’m writing this article. The actress is fairly active on Instagram.

What is Jenelle Evans’s YouTube Channels?

The actor does have his own youtube channel named jenelleeason with over 211k subscribers.

What is Jenelle Evans’s Twitter Handle?

Jenelle Evans’s Twitter handle is @PBandJenelley_1

What is Jenelle Evans’s, Facebook Page?

Jenelle Evans’s Facebook Page is @JenelleLEvans

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